Wednesday, 9 June 2010

How's it going so far? (May2010)

I wrote in my last post on 17th May:

"My goal is now to follow (Maffetone) to a great sub four hour October marathon. This means running with Heart Rate Monitor at controlled low heart rate (140 bpm) for up to 50 miles per week for the next three months... "

On the positive side, my training log says I kept on running and didn't sit in front of the tv munching Mars bars and drowning sorrows with wine… on the less positive side, I'm not getting 50mpw because there are distractions in life…

w/c 17th May 23mpw
w/c 24th May 15mpw
w/c 31st May 41mpw

This is my run blog with details of runs

Realistically 30 - 40 mpw is target going forward… let's see how it goes...

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